Centenary Gallery
September 16th 2006
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Society Centenary 2006. Old boys group photo (taken by Jeremy Hall)
Version 2, do you know why?

cricket1_jhall.jpg (135307 bytes)
Cricket match, at which the Old Boys beat the Village team

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Talking to Lucien Nethsinga

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Have you seen this....?
memories2_jhall.jpg (74800 bytes)
Do you remember.....?

memories3_jhall.jpg (72177 bytes)
More Memories and chat

robinson_beresford_jhall.jpg (73950 bytes)
Christopher Robinson, Ouseley Trust and Charles Beresford, compiler of new book

jenkynsx2_jhall.jpg (81606 bytes)
A pair of Jenkyns
Please say a few words for the President
Other reunions

If you have other photographs of the centenary, please get in touch. You might see them here!

Photographs above are webmaster's collection,  and from Jeremy Hall

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